Dog Company - your online dog store

Dog Company - your online dog store

Welcome to Carter's Dog Company. An online dog store in Auckland, New Zealand.

a boy and his dog

Our son Carter read the barefoot kids book late 2022. He Did not put it down and took it to school everyday and got some of his friend's interested in it too. He was very persistent that he needed to start a company, and here is where Dog Company was started. 

We had a very basic website for the first month to get up and running. Since then it has been a bit of work and dedication from the whole family. 

Carter made flyers and delivered them around the community and got sales from them too. A super proud moment. He gets very excited when an order comes in and the goal towards the basketball hoops goes up.

He has an online store selling eco dog poop bags and if you don't have a dog he sells eco bags kitchen bags too. 

Some new products he has have already sold out, he is taking pre orders if there is something you need.

Please share his story, he has a long way to go.

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